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Fat Loss Coaching For Busy Professionals


The Invictus Coaching Program is an intensive system designed for busy professionals to reach their fitness goals without taking over their lives.  Brian tailors each clients program around their specific goals and the Invictus System.  After a full lifestyle review I teach my clients what is impeding their progress and how to fix it for life long success.

The Invictus Coaching System is specifically designed to cater to busy professionals.   The nature of conventional training systems is contrary to the busy professionals lifestyle.  Busy pro's don't have time to waste hours in a gym.  Busy pro's don't have time to spend hours cooking, measuring and pre-packing every meal.  Busy professionals know that time is a commodity and is best spent working, not working out.  

 Brian teaches you how to lose fat and build muscle safely working with your body's natural systems.  Brian custom tailors your workouts around your schedule, interests and access to equipment.   Brian tailors your diet program around The Invictus System and each clients specific lifestyle and needs.   The Invictus System is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life so you can get the results you want and still live up to your many obligations.


Brian is a career fireman, business owner, husband and father of three.  He understands what it's like to have to choose between gym time and work time.  The overwhelming feeling of business and life obligations.  This is where The Invictus System was born.  A system designed for busy professionals, business owners, parents, students, etc.  High performing people who don't have the luxury to dedicate hours of their day to workouts and meal prep.  


This is the system Brian developed to lose 80 lbs and keep it off.  All while working his career, raising three babies, and building his successful businesses.  The Invictus System was developed by a busy professional, for busy professionals.  


If you're ready to finally get the results you're after without sacrificing your precious time going to gyms and pre-packing all your food, please enter your information below to set up a free consultation.  


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"A Good Fitness Program Should Fit Into Your Life.  You Should Not Force Your Life Into A Fitness Program."

Brian Baumann

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