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I Help
Busy Professionals 
Lose Weight 
Without Taking Over
Their Lives.

Fat Loss

Learn To Cut Fat Without Counting Calories Or Spending Hours On A Treadmill.

Maintain Your Obligations

This Program is Designed For Busy Professionals To Get Results Without Taking Over Your Life.  

Build Muscle

Work With Your Body's Natural Processes To Build Muscle.  Get Strong, Get Powerful, Get Lean!

The Weight Keeps Creeping On...

You're Frustrated Because You Have Less And Less Time To Get To The Gym.

You're Afraid Of That You'll Never Get Off The Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Or Cholesterol Medications.

You Can't Stand Bland Diet Food, Counting Calories, And Meal Prepping.

You Hate Your Workout Routine.  You're Fed Up With Fitness Fads That Don't Work.

Fitness Is Less Of A Priority Behind Your Family, Business, Career Or School.

You're Stressed Because You Know If You Don't Do Something Soon, The Damage May Be Done.

I Believe You Deserve A Fitness Program That Delivers The Results You're After Without Taking Over Your Already Busy Life...


Brian Is A Husband, Father, Public Servant, And Business Owner.  

Brian developed The Invictus Way from his own struggles with weight and health issues. At 37 Brian found him himself weighing 300lbs, with dangerously high blood pressure and cholesterol.  

With 3 small kids at home, a busy career, and a new business, he found himself under slept, over worked, over fed, and short on time and money to get to the gym.  


He knew he had to develop a system to be able to get in and stay in shape, while living up to his many family and business obligations.

Brian lost 80lbs of fat and normalized his blood pressure and cholesterol.  He managed to do this while working his busy career, supporting his young family, and building his businesses.

Their wasn't much time to be spent working out in gyms or pre-cooking, packing, and measuring every meal.  


This is where The Invictus Way was born...

We Show You How To Get The Results You Need While Still Being Able To Live Your Life.

The Invictus Way is a system that was born from necessity.  It is a system that is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.  Not take it over.

Brian consults with you for a comprehensive evaluation of your lifestyle, business, and interests. Brian will determine your fail points and how to eliminate them.

Success comes from taking consistent action that works.  Not fixing old dysfunctions or adding new ones.  


Brian Taylors The Invictus Way of eating and exercise into your specific lifestyle so you can cut fat, build muscle, and eliminate your medical issues.

We teach you how to eat and how to exercise around your busy schedule. A good fitness program should fit into your life.  You shouldn't bend your life around a fitness program. 



Follow These Easy Steps To Get Started On Your Journey...


For Simple Questions And Inquiries.  We'd Love To Answer Any Questions You Have.

Sign Up For A Single Hour Long Evaluation Or The Six Week Launch To Get Started Today.

My Guarantee To You

 I am so confident you will lose weight we offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.  I know the program works because it is the same method I used to lose 80lbs, kick my medical issues, and keep the weight off.  And I know it will work for you too!

Finally Get The Results You Need Without Sacrificing Your Life

You're Tired Of Fad Programs That Promise Results But Are Too Time Consuming, Too Confusing, And Too Challenging.  

The Invictus Way Is A Program Designed To Fit Into Your Busy Lifestyle And Deliver Results.  Cut The Fat, Get Lean, And Kick Those Medical Issues Once And For All!

Book With Brian Today!

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